Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wow I have not updated in awhile. Got busy with working a lot. Now where I worked is closed for the Winter. I thought once I got laid off I could get caught up on a lot of things, well I just got busier and busier lol.

Things are still hard for me, some days I can do good and talk about Grandma and some days if somebody even mentions her name I start to cry. Yesturday I was cleaning out my car, and I went to go clean out the trunk and I found a walmart bag and so I opened it and here was a pair of Grandma's shoes I had taken to the Nursing home but they were too tight on her feet so I put them back into my car. and so I frooze right away and tied the bag back up, put them back into my trunk and closed the trunk, and thought I will do the trunk another day. 

Everything I do reminds me of her, going out to walmart, going to culvers and eating Grilled chicken cashew salads, baking....we always used to do that stuff together.

It is already almost October and that means the holidays will be right around the cornor, that is going to be the hardest. She always sent me a birthday card (usually the only one I got besides from my mom) and thanksgiving she was here and Christmas she would just love!

Tonight I will be going to the brewer game! She loved the Brewers!!! I am going to be wearing one of her sweaters to the game tonight! its just a little jacket kinda like sweater, but that ways part of her is at that game.

Well it is time to head off to curves, I know Grandma would be proud of me taking a turn in the right direction with my weight. I know she is still here with me, and is my Guardian Angel.

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