Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wow I have not updated in awhile. Got busy with working a lot. Now where I worked is closed for the Winter. I thought once I got laid off I could get caught up on a lot of things, well I just got busier and busier lol.

Things are still hard for me, some days I can do good and talk about Grandma and some days if somebody even mentions her name I start to cry. Yesturday I was cleaning out my car, and I went to go clean out the trunk and I found a walmart bag and so I opened it and here was a pair of Grandma's shoes I had taken to the Nursing home but they were too tight on her feet so I put them back into my car. and so I frooze right away and tied the bag back up, put them back into my trunk and closed the trunk, and thought I will do the trunk another day. 

Everything I do reminds me of her, going out to walmart, going to culvers and eating Grilled chicken cashew salads, baking....we always used to do that stuff together.

It is already almost October and that means the holidays will be right around the cornor, that is going to be the hardest. She always sent me a birthday card (usually the only one I got besides from my mom) and thanksgiving she was here and Christmas she would just love!

Tonight I will be going to the brewer game! She loved the Brewers!!! I am going to be wearing one of her sweaters to the game tonight! its just a little jacket kinda like sweater, but that ways part of her is at that game.

Well it is time to head off to curves, I know Grandma would be proud of me taking a turn in the right direction with my weight. I know she is still here with me, and is my Guardian Angel.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The little things

The last 2 days including today every single little thing reminds me of Grandma. Lastnight my mom and I ate cashew chicken salad from culvers and the whole time I was eating it, all I could think of when grandma had a heart attack in feb of 2010 I went and picked her up from the hospital in madison and when we got to the dells we went to culvers and had those salads! She would always leave a few pieces of chicken for last!

Everywhere I go I see elderly ladies that remind me of her, weaither it being the way they walk, look, talk.  When I am driving to Beaver Dam all I can think about is the one time she called me and I was on my way to Beaver Dam and she asked if I would take her someplace the next day, and ofcourse I said yes :)

I still have boxes of her stuff that we got from the apartment (like crafts and some angels I got) that we just can't go thru. I have pictures to add on my facebook album of her that I just can't get myself to scan in and add them, or even look at them.

I was doing good the last few days before last but now it seems like every single little thing I am reminded of her, its not a bad thing but hurts. I am sad, I know she is in a better place but I can't help but wish she was still her with us, I just can't help it!

I drive by her apartment building thinking maybe if I drive by she will come out! I just can't help it!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2 Days Off :)

Been very busy lately!!!  My last 2 days I did not get to go fishing...the boat was in the shop, and we got really busy. Friday my engine light came back on in my car, it ended up being the thermastat, so we had to replace that, Erik replaced it. Than we went out to Cocktails Friday night.  Saturday we went to Harrington Beach State Park and to Port Washington, so beautiful! I wish I would of brought my suit i could of gone swimming. Later Saturday night we had a fire!

Curve's is going really great, I love it! I am going again today. Today I have to run to church and put up commuion with my mom, than off to curves and than to the store than back home, we might make it back in time to go to church!

Tomorrow nothing much planned but tomorrow evening Erik & I are going to Green Lake Fair Truck & Tractor pulls! I am excited I love that one!

Hope everybody has a good day!! It sure is a hot one!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 10 Of 10

Today is finally work day 10 of 10! All I have to do is get thru tonight and I am off for 2 days! I wanted to hope to go fishing but we wont be able to go in the boat, something is wrong with Eriks motor :( ooo well I am sure we will find other things to do.

My mom and I started on a new adventure today, we joined curves! I am super excited about this new chapter in my life!!!!!!

So many thing have been going thru my mind the last few days, a lot about my Grandma...I know she would just be so proud of me taking this first step in losing weight and joining curves, I wish I could just call her so bad and talk to her.

Well I am off to finish getting ready for my day, get some lunch, and head to work at 3!

Have A Good Day!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long Time....

Sorry it has been a long time since the last post...been busy working. Tomorrow will be day 9 of 10, than 2 days off :)  This last week when I was not working I was at the Columbia Fair, with an avon far so good, I got a few new customers :)

I have friday & saturday off this week, I am hoping to get some fishing in! I miss fishing so much. The last 2 weeks it has been so hot and on my days off it was WAY too hot to go out on the water.

I got off work this afternoon and I actually had an afternoon to come home and relax, which is weird for me because I am used to do all this running around and I dont have to do a thing! The only thing that I dont like is they are cutting down a tree or something next door and it is making a lot of noise and the trucks are loud, so there goes my quiet!

I have been thinking about doing a walk in Madison in October for heart disease, and I was thinking about getting a team together and walking in memory of Grandma Birkholz, if you would like to become part of my team, or would like to donate please let me know....more deatails to follow!

well thats it for now, better get my new avon books ready for this campaign!

Monday, July 11, 2011


The last few days have been so hot!!! I do not like humid weather, it makes me cranky!

Yesturday I work till 2, I went to the Hamburg Reuion for a bit, than off to Madison. I went out to eat with Erik at Olive Garden, than went to the casino down there for a bit.

Olive Garden was a bad experence! It was dead but when we walked in we had to wait 10 minutes for a table, which when we were seated, a lot of tables were empty in the sections that were open. The hostess sat us at a dirty table, and told us sorry for the dirty table and walked away. We asked to be seated at a clean table, nobody listen, I knew than we should of gotten up and went somplace else! The food finally came after a long wait, the breadsticks were old and hard and cold, Eriks food was good, my food was gross, and was nuke warm, and had no taste. The only good thing was the salad!!

After that we went to the casino, I walked in with $20, walked about with $35.00! It was fun. Early this morning some bad storms came thru.

Plan for today, do some laundry, clean a bit than go to work!

Hope everybody has a good Monday!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hot Summer Afternoon

It is another warm one outside today! Today is the twin's first birthday party, I have to work but Mom and Dave are going :) I can't belive they are 1 already!

This morning my mom and I did some running around we had to do, than went out to lunch with Dave and stopped at a Garage Sale. I already on Thursday stopped at this Garage Sale and bought some stuff, but Dave wanted to go and so I bought some more!! They had some good deals!!

I work tonight, hope things go well! My allergies are really kicking in, makes for a long afternoon at work. Hope everybody is having a good weekend :)

~sometimes life is just about rolling down the windows in your car..blasting your favorite song..and forgetting the world for a while!~