Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2 Days Off :)

Been very busy lately!!!  My last 2 days I did not get to go fishing...the boat was in the shop, and we got really busy. Friday my engine light came back on in my car, it ended up being the thermastat, so we had to replace that, Erik replaced it. Than we went out to Cocktails Friday night.  Saturday we went to Harrington Beach State Park and to Port Washington, so beautiful! I wish I would of brought my suit i could of gone swimming. Later Saturday night we had a fire!

Curve's is going really great, I love it! I am going again today. Today I have to run to church and put up commuion with my mom, than off to curves and than to the store than back home, we might make it back in time to go to church!

Tomorrow nothing much planned but tomorrow evening Erik & I are going to Green Lake Fair Truck & Tractor pulls! I am excited I love that one!

Hope everybody has a good day!! It sure is a hot one!

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