Monday, July 11, 2011


The last few days have been so hot!!! I do not like humid weather, it makes me cranky!

Yesturday I work till 2, I went to the Hamburg Reuion for a bit, than off to Madison. I went out to eat with Erik at Olive Garden, than went to the casino down there for a bit.

Olive Garden was a bad experence! It was dead but when we walked in we had to wait 10 minutes for a table, which when we were seated, a lot of tables were empty in the sections that were open. The hostess sat us at a dirty table, and told us sorry for the dirty table and walked away. We asked to be seated at a clean table, nobody listen, I knew than we should of gotten up and went somplace else! The food finally came after a long wait, the breadsticks were old and hard and cold, Eriks food was good, my food was gross, and was nuke warm, and had no taste. The only good thing was the salad!!

After that we went to the casino, I walked in with $20, walked about with $35.00! It was fun. Early this morning some bad storms came thru.

Plan for today, do some laundry, clean a bit than go to work!

Hope everybody has a good Monday!!

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