Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long Time....

Sorry it has been a long time since the last post...been busy working. Tomorrow will be day 9 of 10, than 2 days off :)  This last week when I was not working I was at the Columbia Fair, with an avon booth....so far so good, I got a few new customers :)

I have friday & saturday off this week, I am hoping to get some fishing in! I miss fishing so much. The last 2 weeks it has been so hot and on my days off it was WAY too hot to go out on the water.

I got off work this afternoon and I actually had an afternoon to come home and relax, which is weird for me because I am used to do all this running around and I dont have to do a thing! The only thing that I dont like is they are cutting down a tree or something next door and it is making a lot of noise and the trucks are loud, so there goes my quiet!

I have been thinking about doing a walk in Madison in October for heart disease, and I was thinking about getting a team together and walking in memory of Grandma Birkholz, if you would like to become part of my team, or would like to donate please let me know....more deatails to follow!

well thats it for now, better get my new avon books ready for this campaign!

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